Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bandster dinner and thoughts

Last night I got to meet Jenny and Nicole for the first time. We had such an amazing time, and it was like we've known each other forever. Nicole brought my 7 pairs of pants, which was AMAZING. They were all gorgeous work pants, that fit like a glove. Jenny actually gave me the pants off of her! Nicole had brought her some new pants, and the ones she was wearing were too big on her. The best part about the pair she gave me, is that they were once Catherines!! How inspiring to have jeans that were once Catherine and Jenny's, 2 of the most inspiring bandsters! It really is the sisterhood of the traveling pants, and I can't wait till I have the chance to share. The only bad part is, how short I am! I'm going to have to find a bandster that is around my height (5ft 1), so I can share my shortened pants. One of my favorite parts of the night was, I have NEVER tried ANY Nicole and Jenny were determined that, that would be the night I would. With much hesitation I tried a bite of Jenny's bake stuffed shrimp, UH-OH! I started gagging, and as much as I tried to get it down I couldn't...the smell was too much for me. Out it came into my napkin...we died laughing. I'm glad no one was grossed out by this episode and they found it as funny as I did (at least I think they did).

On a good note, the scale gods are on my side finally! I am back down to 205lbs (my pre-holiday's weight). It has taken me awhile, but I am finally there! I have ranged from 211-207 since the holidays, so to finally be back where I was feels AMAZING. I have really been rocking my water intake and I think that is what gave me my extra push I needed.

Unfortunately last night was one of those nights I slept on my neck wrong. It is SOOO stiff, I can't turn without moving my entire body. Does anyone know any tricks to help loosen it up? Also, pre-op I was told to never take advil again, but that's all we have @ work. Has anyone tried taking advil since surgery? Will I do damage to my band taking it once?

This weekend my best friend is moving back home to Connecticut from Boston (this is going to be very hard for me) My friends and I are all going out to celebrate her last night here. We are going to a bar, and I'm in need of a new favorite drink. My go-to has always been cranberry and vodka, but that has just to many calories. I don't want to do beer or wine, I want some type of a mixed drink. What is everyones favorite band-friendly drink to get while out? I am up for anything!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. It wsa SO great to meet you last night!
    Glad all the pants worked for you :)

    hmm I like drinking Cosmo's not sure the calories but it's on a splash of cranberry! and no soda!

  2. I know other bandsters that use advil. My NP said it wasn't that big of deal, but that I should take an acid reducer to help prevent upset stomachs and ulcers. However, she said that if I need to take it regularly she wants me to work with a doctor to make sure I don't make my reflux worse or get an ulcer.

  3. Great picture! It sounds like you guys had a blast. That is so cool about the traveling pants!

  4. I still take whatever pills I want. The theory on WHY we arent is bc what might happen if you were real tight and the advil or asprin didnt go could set there above your band and rot a hole in your stomach.

    Listen, if I can swallow a bite of chicken, I can swallow an advil.

    Your story was great. I do not eat fish or seafood either (a sin now that I live on the Gulf). But people still try to tell me "this doesnt taste fishy" and just to get them to shut up...I try it...and the result is what happened to you!

  5. I take whatever pills I need to as well!

    My go to drink lately is blueberry or raspberry stoli with soda. I find the alcohol and ice kills the carbonation, and it's low cal and the bit of fruit flavour from the vodka makes it sweet... yum!

  6. I still take pretty much the same pills that I did before surgery. I used to take the big Advil or Aleve Liquid Gels so I don't take those but I do take Advil small pills and have never had an issue.

    When I do drink now, I too drink what Angie does! I ask the bartender for a vodka press (this would be regular vodka and soda) or if you want a flavored vodka you could ask for a blueberry vodka press. So yummy.

  7. Yay! Traveling awesome. Cant comment on the pills or post-band drinks...cuz Im not banded yet...BUT...My nutritionist guy said (who works only with bariatric patients) that if you can swallow most meats, that it should be fine, but of course...every one is different. :)

    Oh and Congrats on getting back to the pre-holiday weight. :D

    I will have a minor flip out though, and you and Amy both said no more seafood. OMG. I might DIE! :( I mean, I am sure I wont...but wow...I never thought about seafood being affected. I know bread and sweets were the obvious... I guess we learn something new everyday!

    Again...congrats on being back where you were!

  8. Wow check out all the hot chicks! You guys look incredible. Kristen, I love your hair like that!

  9. I was never told to not take advil....i never took it before though I take ibu and tylenol

  10. Ack - I'm allergic to seafood so I couldn't have it if I tried - but go you for striking out and having a go even if it was strike out lol. Sounds like you girls had fun.. very envious you all to meet one another!!

  11. SO AMAZING to meet you Kristen!! I had so much fun chatting it up with you ladies. I still feel horrible that I forced you to try the shrimp. ;-) xoxo

  12. I take Tylenol too. Because I already take sooo many drugs that I have a high risk of ulcers/Acid Reflux, so I take Prolosec OTC every night & use Tylenol products for pain.

    Also, because of the many drugs I take, I had to stop drinking about 15 yrs ago!! So I have no suggestion. :(