Thursday, January 7, 2010

NSV of sorts

This morning I was having a woe is me kinda day, feeling fat and discouraged. I didn't think it was going to turn around until I made it into work. It was really weird, coincidentally everyone in my office wore grey and black today . We all thought this was pretty humorous and decided to take a picture. When I got the email with the picture the first thought in my mind was "hey I don't look like the overly obese person anymore" Looking at the picture I think I actually look like a normal sized person. This is what turned my day around, and made me realize that I have come a long way, and will continue to do so. It's little reminders like these that can change your whole mindset.
On another note, I think I'm ready for a fill! I feel like I could eat a house...nothing seems to be filling me up. Last night we made turkey pie, and I was able to eat 2 slices and mashed potatoes! eeeek. My next fill isn't until the 29th though, maybe I should call and see if I can get in earlier. It's such a strange feeling, just 2 weeks ago I thought I was at my sweet spot, I was slimming often and feeling NOTHING. I went back and was reading past blog entries last night, and I think that's what put me into a funk...I read that back in October I got down to 215lbs @ one point, and today I'm 207lbs. Really? 3 months have gone by and I've only dropped 8lbs? I have had a lot of ups and downs with going on vacation and the holidays, but I really just want to get the ball moving. I want onederland so bad I can taste it!


  1. I can relate to both things. Starting to look "normal sized" in pictures and being shocked at my weight loss. The problem for me is that I have a couple of good weeks losing weight and then go up and down for about 3 weeks until I get my ass back on track!

  2. Your doing great :) I love your outfit

  3. Hey, you look bloody great! You really do - and look at that beautiful smile!!

    Hope the hunger issue resolves - it can be a pain in the butt getting through it.

  4. You look so thin!!! Hey - I'm coming to Boston next week. Any chance you'd be free to do dinner Wed night? Let me know!

  5. You look great! I think it's great to look at a picture and like what you see.

  6. So true about looking "normal" in pictures! You know, when I first looked at the picture, I thought, okay, which one is she - they all look similarly sized. (I always think of you as blonde!)

    You look great!! And yes, maybe try to get an appointment sooner. I was definitely AT my sweet spot for the past few weeks, but I feel it slipping a bit and got an appointment for 1/20. Glad I did that, because my weight is stalling and I feel more hungry!