Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yummy Recipe and other random thoughts

Tonight I decided to steal Gen's Recipe for BBQ pulled pork, and I must say it came out PHENOMENAL! It was soooo good, anyone who like pulled pork mus try this recipe it is super easy and worth it! Tomorrow starts the Valentine Challenge and I am pumped! I think this is just what I weight watchers it will be a weekly weigh in to hold me accountable.

Sometimes having an IT nerd for a fiancee comes in handy....tonight he downloaded Lovely Bones (which isn't even in theatres yet) and It's Complicated and we stayed in and had a movie night. We had a very nice and relaxing evening.

Guess who I get to meet this week?!? JENNY and possibly Nicole (if she can change her shift at work) I am so excited! Jenny is one of the first persons I followed in blogworld, and she is so inspiring. She is coming up to Boston for work, and we're going to go to dinner Wednesday night. It's such an amazing thing to get to meet people who's blogs you follow. It feels like you've known these people for such a long time, that actually meeting them in person is the icing on the cake (sorry for the bad metaphor)

Alright that's enough of a scatter brained post for tonight, hope everyone is having a good weekend! xxoo


  1. Oooh! How was It's Complicated? I've been wanting to see that! I'm going to have to look into this Valentine's Challenge. I want to lose 10 pounds by then and need to get my ass to the gym in order to do so!

    And, dang it. That's it. I've decided right now that I'm moving to the east coast so I can meet all of you guys!!! Errr...I guess I've got the hubby to think of too. Hmmmm.... :)

  2. Hi lovey! I'm glad you're feeling good and chill... And yes Alexis come visit now!!! Kristen you are coming here like yesterday, right?

  3. I'm going to steal Gens recipie for the pulled port too. We just had a pork roast so I'll wait a bit. I'm doing the challenge too- I've been stuck at the same weight since the first of December! ugh. Glad to hear things are going well for you- if you ever come out west (Seattle) make sure you post about it. I'd love to meet up with some virtual friends!