Sunday, January 17, 2010


I DID IT! My first zumba class is complete! I went yesterday @ 10am with no idea what to expect. I was one of the first people there and mistakenly stood in the back of the class. People continued to swarm into the class, and we actually met the occupancy limit of 45 people, so the instructor had to start turning people away! The class ranged from the average sexy latina woman to an elderly morbidly obese man, and everyone in between, so it was a great mixture. We started the class with a pair of light hand weights and did about 10 minutes of warm ups with those, and then put them away and the class began. My mistake of being in the back kicked in now...I couldn't see the instructor very well, so I had to follow what the people in front of me were doing. Our dances included everything from the meringue, cha cha, a greek dance, a dance with maracas and a routine to grease lightning! Lots of movement. I could follow probably about 50% of the moves without problems, the other 50% I looked ridiculous...I just kind stood there and wiggled to the beat. But keep in mind I have NO rhythm or coordination!

I wore my polar heart rate monitor and it said I burned 640 calories in this hour long class! WHOA! It did not feel like a 640 calorie workout in the least! I didn't think I would be sore or anything today, but I was wrong. My quads and calves both hurt! I defiantly think I will attend another zumba class, I think once a week with be enough for's a great mix-up to the standard work out routine!

On a side note, last night was my night out with my friends and like I said was worried about what to drink...well, strange story. I drank 2 glasses of red wine before dinner, 2 glasses at dinner, got stuck twice @ dinner..once on rice, and once on steak...oops. Well figured that was enough calories (guessing 400 liquid calories) and I was having a good enough time that I just drank water @ the club!! Such a strange concept, I would have never thought to get water @ a club/bar before my band. I actually was having a great time dancing and having fun with my friends that I didn't need any alcohol. I will make sure and post pics later, there were some ridiculous ones taken!

My lack of (if you can call it that) drinking paid of for the love to love myself challenge weigh in today! Last Sunday I weighed in at 207.5, and today I was 205.2 WAHOOOO. That's a 2.3lb loss this week! 205 seems to be the wall that I can't break, so here's to this week being a wall breaking one! xoxo


  1. Your on to breaking the wall!!

  2. wow Zumba class sounds awesome!!! 45 people in one class holf moly... Your very brave to go along to the class.. well done!!

  3. OOOH you did Zumba? Doesn't that class just kick butt? (well, it did mine - and I did a DVD here at home - it doesn't seem to have taken off here where I live.. sigh) I was sore the next day too! Congrats - that is a huge feat you getting out there and doing it. You also rock on the time front.. I only managed half of what you did lol.

  4. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" ~ Ronald Reagan, 1987.

    (I am no politics buff, but for some reason when I read your post, that sentence popped into my head.)

    You can do it!

  5. Fun! I have to try Zumba soon. And way to go for the VDay challenge! 205 will be a distant memory soon!

  6. I'm going to my first Zumba class this week - have to check the schedule, but I am signing up at the gym next door to my new office tomorrow, and I know they have it!