Monday, January 18, 2010


The other day Rick and I were having a discussion about me hitting onederland, and he said something that I didn't really think about until today. He is around 305lbs right now and mentioned that him getting into the 200's will feel like it will for me to get into the 100's. I think its really neat that even though he doesn't have the band he is doing a great job loosing weight. When we did weight watchers together last year he was in the 330's so he is down almost 30lbs on his own. I am really pumped that we are on this journey to better our lives together. I know that to some of us it is taboo to weigh ourselves everyday, but I am one of the people that does. It helps keep me on track, and I try not to let the #'s bother me unless on weigh in day. Today something big happened though...I broke down the wall! I weighed in at 204.8! I don't know if it's here to stay or not, but just seeing it let me know I can get past this 205 plateau!

I'm on a chili kick right now, I've never been a chili person but thought it'd be a good time to start. The only thing is, I don't like beans so I'm making bean-less chili, not as much protein but still a low fat meal. I used ground turkey, tomato sauce, and low sodium chili mix...simple easy! I made 2lbs of turkey today and portioned 1 cup servings in containers for the week for lunch. YUMMO!

I also got stuck and PB'd tonight :( Rick made a chicken dish and pasta. I tried 1 forkful of angel hair and immediately got stuck and up it came. I know I don't do pasta well, but thought 1 forkful wouldn't hurt. Oh well, learned a lesson!


  1. Yum glad you are trying the chili I love mine with Low Fat Sour cream! Can't wait for you to get to ONDERLAND

  2. It's so nice that you're working as a team on getting healthier. Congrats on blasting through the wall!

  3. I think that it is great that your DH is working on his weight too! Sorry for the PB, but I am sure that you will break into onederland soon!!

  4. Onderland is right there in front of you to claim.. hang in there.. you will be there before you know it..Nice to have a partner to go through the journey with.. I have tried to drop those hints (but no takers).

  5. I love chilli con carne with light sour cream!! It's the best!!

    Here's hoping you and Rick get into your respective 200 and 100 pound weight... wouldn't that be awesome to hit it around the same time!!

  6. oh I love love love chili. When we make it I can eat it for days and days. I love beans, but it is a bonus if you don't put them in bc they add A LOT of sodium...and on those days where I eat chili at least twice a day...the scale usually stalls...