Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Challenge Week 2 Results EDITED

WOW* You guys are good- Everyone guesses the week 2 winner correctly! YAY- Go Grace, You rock babe! For anyone who didn't see my previous post- Grace lost 17lbs this week equalling a 6.4% loss. INSANE!

Here are a few facts about the challenge:
  • We have 51 total participants
  • Our total starting weight as a group was 11,497.2lbs
  • Our weight loss this week was 132.9lbs bringing the group to 11364.3lbs
  • This is an average loss of 2.6lbs per person!

Looking good everyone- keep up the awesome work!

**With this being the first chart of the challenge, please let me know if something looks off to you, or if you would like me to change something!**


  1. Awesome results! Congrats Grace, that is just amazing! Kristen why don't we cut down my blog name to just Am I really doing this so it isn't so long and monopolizing on the page. It might even it out a little.

  2. Hey, Kristen - I just want to make sure you got my weigh in because there isn't a line by my name. Maybe I didn't lose enough to get on the chart, but I just want to make sure you did get my form. I sent it in Sunday afternoon. I also put on comment section that I wouldn't be sending my weight next week because I'll be on cruise. Thanks.

  3. OMG! That is amazing! You guys rock. I have to get in on one of these challenges one of these days. They are so well organised and co-ordinated. What an inspiration!

  4. I'm super impressed with all of us!!