Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 4 Challene Results

Congrats Susan at Stop Spending All Our Precious Time. Susan lost 2.4% this week! WOOOO! Way to go girl, losing this amount and during Thanksgiving? This is fantastic!!!

This week we lost 29.7lb total as a group, bringing us to a toal group loss of 232.4lbs! This isn't to bad considering it was Thanksgiving week, but I think as a goal for next week we should aim to double this number. Let's set a goal for 60lb loss next week, that is just a little over 1lb/per person- we got this!

And because we are in week 4 of 7 I thought I would share the Top 6 Challengers and their %, congrats ladies!

1) Kellie- Something About Kellie with a 6.3% total loss
Stephanie- Dreams of Skinny High Heels with a 5.4% total loss
Angela- Repair and Renovation with a 4.6% total loss
Susan- Stop Spending our Precious with a 4.5% total loss
Gilly- Something something something fat chick with a 4.2% total loss
Breanne- Lady Lap Band with a 4.1% total loss!

You go girls- start thinking about where you want those gift cards to!


  1. whoooohooo! Ya'll are rockin! Can't wait to do a challenge with you guys sometime!

  2. Keep it up Ladies!! You're all doing so well!

  3. I can't believe in just a few short weeks we have all lost over 200lbs that is amazing!!!


  4. Ok Kristen, I'll work on my 'just over a pound' for the week!

  5. I am so not rocking this challenge, haha. It's still good motivation! And I am getting a fill (I think) today, so hopefully I have a better number to report this week!

  6. I may be dense, but I don't get this graph. My weigh in pic was 195.?, next weigh in i was down to 194.?, then 197, then back to 194.? but it keeps showing a gain every week?

    There are some bandsters out there in high gear! Way to go!!!