Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 3 Challenge

Hey Ladies-

I wanted to let everyone know I am working on the week 3 chart for the holiday challenge, but thought we could play the guessing game in the mean time!

This week's winner lost an amazing 4%, lets see if you know who it is:
  • She's from Australia
  • She has 2 Children
  • She was just banded THIS MONTH!
  • Her band is name Portia

Any Guesses?? Stayed tuned for the answer!

Fill Update: I went for it!! When I told my nurse practitioner all that I've been able to eat her mouth dropped! She said enough of these baby .1 fills and gave me a big girl fill of .5! EEEEK! I'm nervous, but hopefully it gives me the kick I need. She was also a little nervous as to why I had sudden overnight looseness so she ordered a barium swallow for 12/27 just to make sure everything is OK!

Wedding Update: I have some exciting news- my wedding dress is in!!! I ordered it over 5 months ago, so the fact that it is finally here is super exciting! I ordered it a size smaller then what I was measured for in June, and tomorrow is the day to see if it fits! I have 6 more months to make that baby fit! Everyone cross your fingers for me!

Also, this Saturday my mom is coming to visit and we're going to do my cake tasting AND visiting a florist!! I'm so excited that everything is coming together! Let's hope I am loose enough to eat some cake, I think i have a valid excuse!

We got our engagement pictures on Friday. I posted all 250 to facebook, so if we're friends I'm sure you saw them! I will post the contenders for our Save the Dates, Newspaper announcement and Christmas Cards later this week!

Hope all is well! xxoo

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  1. Your engagement pics are beautiful, and I'm sure you will be stunning in your dress! Enjoy the cake testing :)