Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey Peeps-

Please be aware TODAY is the last day to sign up for the holiday challenge and to pay on Paypal. There are a few of you who haven't paid yet. Check my post of everyone who has signed up and paid- anyone still in black needs to pay.

Pictures of the scale and the weight form are due THIS Sunday!

Also- We will be doing prizes for the top 3 winners- it won by a landside! As of right now with 52 participants that is $260 so the prizes will be awarded in gift certificates in the following amounts:

1st- $150
2nd- $75
3rd- $35



  1. Sorry! I just paid!! thanks!

  2. I paid earlier this afternoon. Can't wait!

  3. I will be cheering you guys on in your challenge :)

  4. Just paid - kept forgetting to bring my wallet to the computer room. :) thanks for organizing!

  5. Holy cow, almost fifty competitors! That is so great!

  6. I finally paid. Now to get my butt in gear so I can win me some moola :)

  7. Hi!! I am a new follower! I was so curious about this challenge! I am going to keep an eye on all you ladies! Since I am not banded and hope to be soon..i think i will wait till the next challenge! Good luck everyone...How awesome of you to keep track of this!

  8. BUMMER - I JUST found out about this and totally want to play! I even took a picture this morning with my scale and everything!! :(