Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Challenge Week 3 Results

*Click picture to make big*

Here it is challengers-No one guessed the winner this week, although I didn't give you much time!

Let's all congratulate Kellie from Something about Kellie for losing a whopping 4% this week!! Awesome job chicka!

As a group we lost 70.5lbs, it wasn't one of the best weeks overall but in Biggest Loser trend the 3rd week is always one of the worst! Let's kick it up this week and try to break through for a 100lb next week! I know we can do it! We are at a total loss of 203.4lbs! WAHHOOO!


  1. You are so awesome for coordinating out challenge! I appreciate it so much. Can't wait to see your engagement pictures.

  2. Wow I am super impressed with my little bar!! lol Got a fill tomorrow so I am aiming big for next week! yay!!


  3. You are doing an awesome job!!!! Thank you!

  4. So many challengers doing so well! Congrats to you all!

  5. Wow! It looks good :) I have to thank the current liquid diet for the loss - I'm sure when I start mushies next week it will slow - but hey I'll take it!!!!