Sunday, November 14, 2010


Challengers- I hope your scale doesn't do to you what mine did to me!

YUP- for those of you who are keeping track, thats a 3lb GAIN this week! Not the right direction, and nope its not my time of the month either!

Let's see, could I blame it on the foot long quarter lb chili cheese hot dog I got at Sonic on Tuesday night? Or the 4 pieces of challah bread and 3 potato latkes with sour cream I ate Friday night? How about the 5 buffalo chicken tenders with bleu chesse I ate last night? As you can see I deserve this gain- and it's the kick in the ass I needed! I ordered 2 canisters of Click protein powder on amazon the other night and will be sticking to those for breakfast this week. Let's hope it helps!

Still missing quite a few weights- don't forget to send them in! xxoo


  1. Well better this gain in the first week than the last! I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out!

  2. Mmmm. Sonic chili cheese hot dog. Mmm.

  3. Oh, and even with a three pound gain? I still wish I weighed as much as you. My goal is 180 (I'm a tall girlie) - I'll be your weight someday!

  4. Have you and I been eating the same meals and channeling hot dog love at the same time?

    (That came out pervier than I intended!)

    Have been craving hot dogs like crazy lately and finally gave in this week and had a... wait for it... 7-11 hot dog with manufactured chili and plastic cheese. Secret shame. But delicious.

    I am up too.

    177, up 2 lbs.

    We'll have to lose it together this week!

  5. Ouch! Sorry you had a gain this week, but at least you know why and are gonna nip it in the bud. Sent mine in this morning :)

  6. UMM HAPPY SHABBAT DINNER THOUGH! haha back on track babygirl!

  7. I'm so glad we don't have any Sonic around...
    I'm sure those pounds will come right off.

  8. That sucks, but know you'll rebound.

  9. Thanks for hosting this challenge. I'm up too by exactly one lb. I was bummed but then I'm thankful for the accountability of this challenge. Looking forward to losing with you!

  10. Sorry about your gain!

    I just realized that there are two bloggers in this challenge with "I'm with the band" blog names! No wonder I was so confused when I was looking for you and was coming up with the other blog.

  11. This happens to me all the time! Ugh, right? I hit 188 this week but I keep going up down up down up down!! What is your next fill?? I'm going to see Pam on the 24th!


  12. sounds like lots of's probably water. Drink like a fish today!